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Childrens Clay parties

What can be more fun than a clay party! It isn’t as messy as you think and can be held at most homes or party venues. I have table coverings and will clean up the small amount of mess children will make.
I will travel to your home/party venue, bring all the clay and tools needed for your children, the children create an item of their choice with my professional guidance (teacher qualified and BA Hons in ceramics).

Parties can be themed – fairies/goblins, animals, pirates, name plaques, TV characters…at no extra cost.

Once their little master pieces are made I will take them away, fire them in the kiln to make them solid and return them to you. Price includes all materials, kiln firing, travelling up to 15 miles from Banbury to party and delivery of finished pieces.

£120 for up to 10 children (£12 per head)
£165 for up to 15 children (£11 per head)
£200 for up to 20 children (£10 per head)
More children/further distances can be discussed.

Frequently asked questions -Children’s clay parties

Q: Can I reserve a date and confirm it later?
A: Yes but a date will only be held with a £50 deposit. I am happy to pencil a date in the diary and call you if I receive another enquiry for the same day.

Q: What if I have children cancel last minute or am unsure of exact numbers?
A: When you book all I need is your £50 deposit and a rough idea of the number of children you think will be there (for example 6-8). If this vastly changes just call me a few days before but I always bring plenty of clay with me.

Q: What if I need to cancel altogether?
A: If less than a month before the party you will lose your £50 deposit. If more than a month notice is given £40 will be refunded and £10 retained for administration.

Q: My daughter wants a themed birthday – can you accommodate this?
A: Absolutely – I love themed parties. Fairies, goblins, monsters, TV Characters, Footballers – just let me know at least a week before the party in case I need to prepare any images for children to create from.

Q: What do you take items away at the end of the party and return them later?
A: The clay must dry slowly so that arms and legs, for example, do not fall off the masterpieces made. Then once fully dry they are fired slowly to a bisque (900 degrees centigrade) firing for durability. They are then returned to you to decorate.

Q: What paints can we use on them?
A: Any paints are fine but I recommend water based paints. You can always use a spray varnish on them to make them shiny.

Q: Will the clay ruin the children’s clothes?
A: No. I will bring aprons for the children to use and all clay will wash out of clothes. It may be worth telling mum’s it is a clay party so that children do not come all dressed in white and clay can cause some staining on white clothes.