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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some of the questions we receive most frequently – Such as what is it, how is it done and how long it takes.

Q: How is it done?
A: I pride myself in not using casting or moulding materials to take your prints like many companies out there. I press each fingerprint directly into a material called precious metal clay which is basically malleable silver – it looks and feels like clay but actually is an organic binder full of tiny particles of silver. I roll out the precious metal clay, take your fingerprint and then your jewellery is fired in a kiln (to burn off the organic binder), tumbled for strength and finished by hand. Moulding compounds are used in the ‘Silver Fingerprint Impression Kit’ as this allows for fingerprint jewellery to be given as a gift or enables you to create fingerprint jewellery by post.
Please note that every item is custom crafted – please allow for the individual variations of each piece being made by hand.

Q: How long does it take?
A: Taking your prints does not take long but deciding which beautiful jewellery item to have it finished as might, as you will be spoilt for choice when you view my examples and portfolio. Please allow 10-20 minutes for each appointment.

Q: When will my jewellery be ready?
A: I ask for 2-3 weeks from taking your fingerprints to finishing your jewellery items.

Q: Can I get it done quicker than 2-3 weeks?
A: Yes, I offer an express service – please mention you require this when booking your appointment. I can turn your jewellery around in 48 hours if you have left it too close to a special occasion but there is a firing charge of £25 in addition to the price of any items you have made. Alternatively, I can provide you with a custom made gift voucher stating what has been made for your recipient and you can present this for the occasion and collect your jewellery at a later date. Once again, please mention this at time of booking.

Q: How old does my baby have to be to have fingerprints taken?
A: Any age is fine – I did my son at one week. Generally, the smaller/younger the baby or child, the finer the fingerprints but it is so precious to capture their size and remember how small they were. It really is a matter of choice! The silver is very soft and will not bruise a baby in any way. There is no upper age limit – I often do adult fingerprints and even whole families. It is an ideal wedding present!

Q: Can I have my jewellery hallmarked?
A: Yes, my hallmark stamp is 999 and held by the Birmingham Assay Office. I do not send items to hallmark unless requested or legally required. The hallmark simply confirms your jewellery is genuine silver and can only be stamped by The Assay Office for legal reasons. Please allow an extra 2 weeks and an additional charge will apply (approx £5-£10) – please call to discuss. This fee covers all costs and charges applied by the Assay Office and the postage of your items. Alternatively, when I am next sending a batch to hallmark I can call you to return your item to be included. Please advice at time of prints.

Q: Are the products totally fine silver (999)?
A: All findings, such as jump rings on charms, cufflink arms, chains etc are sterling silver (92.5% silver). If for allergy purposes you require your findings to be fine silver (99.9%) please ask at time of appointment.

Q: Is the jewellery hand made?
A: Absolutely. Each piece is hand crafted to your specific requirements from beginning to end. A kiln is used to fire the precious metal clay and a tumbler to harden and strengthen your silver (silver softens when heated and is essential that it is tumbled for durability). Your jewellery will be so bespoke to you and your child as you do not get more personalised than a fingerprint!

Q: When can I get my children’s fingerprints done?
A: Please call me on 01295 271051 / 07967 399449 to make an appointment – there is usually availability on most days of the week. Or see my events page for when I am next at an event on your area. Allow 10-20 minutes for each appointment. Or you can purchase a Silver Fingerprint Impression Kit – please see the Impression kit page for more info.

Q: Do you do other shapes in addition to those featured on your website?
A: I can hand cut any shape!

Q: How do I get them back?
A: Most customers collect their jewellery from me in Banbury or I can post them to you on request – second class recorded delivery is an additional £4.00 (not insured) and special delivery (next day before 1pm and insured up to £500) is £7.50. If you had your jewellery made at a toddler/nursery group I will return them to that group. If you have them done at Rugrats and Halfpints, I can return them there to collect if you wish or you can collect them from me – please specify. Anything made via a kit is sent by post.

Q: Does my jewellery come gift boxed?
A: Yes, all fingerprint jewellery is presented in a branded gift box. Smaller items such as charms or key rings may be presented in complimenting jewellery envelop boxes featuring the same logo.

Q: Do you do jewellery parties?
A: Yes, Get your friends together and host a fingerprint party!
The host receives15% worth of total orders taken at the party towards their own fingerprint jewellery. So you can get yours made free if your friends buy enough!
I will then deliver all jewellery items back to you for your friends to collect (or have another afternoon of tea and cakes). Please note it is essential that friends interested bring payment on the day that prints are taken.

Q: Can you do this at my local toddler group?
A: Yes, I am happy to travel to all local toddler and nursery groups and your group will receive a cheque equivalent to 10% of all orders taken towards the group when I return with your finished jewellery – please note it is essential that all those interested bring payment on the day that prints are taken.

Q: How can I pay?
A:Strictly payment should be made at time of impressions being taken, either in full or 50% deposit. Methods of payment accepted are cash or by the following credit/debit cards: visa, visa electron, mastercard, maestro, solo, jcb. Please note a £1 charge will be made for all card transactions. Thank you!

Q: Do you have a loyalty card scheme?
A: Yes, each fingerprint item made, excluding individual charms, earns a fingerprint stamp and once you have received 5 stamps, your 6th item is half price. Once you have received 10 stamps, your 11th is free up to £50. You can also earn a ‘stamp’ by recommending me to your friends. When they then have their jewellery made you can collect a stamp on your card and they can start their own card!

Q: I had a necklace made with a different company and have since had another baby and would like to just add a charm to my necklace – is this possible?
A: Absolutely, I would also be happy to solder the jump ring so that it will be secure when you add it on to your necklace – if possible bring your necklace with you to you appointment.

Q: What if they look different to those made by another company?
A: I can easily adapt my techniques to match other finishes and effects. If your fingerprints have been ‘blackened’ or ‘antiqued’ to enhance them, I can also do this at an additional £5 charge per item. I pride myself on not enhancing my products with any chemicals and favour the natural finish but if you had yours done elsewhere then I am happy to match new items for you.

Q: What if I am not happy with my finished fingerprint jewellery?
A: I am sure you will be delighted with your precious pieces as each one has been lovingly custom crafted to your requirements and I take a great deal of pride in my work. If however, there is something not quite right please call me to discuss this and I will happily look into any matter for you. At your appointment, I will show you your fingerprints once taken and ask you to check the details of inscriptions etc as once fired it is too late to alter a spelling mistake for example. It is important to me that you are happy with your finished pieces and I will do everything in my power to ensure that happens.

Q: How do I care for my jewellery?
A: It is recommended that you remove jewellery for swimming and that you avoid spraying perfumes or creams (for example moisturiser or sun cream) near your jewellery as this will clog the pores and make your jewellery dull. Just use a toothbrush and soap, or a silver cloth or a quick dip in Goddard’s Silver dip – which ever you do, rinse and dry thoroughly.

Q: Will my fingerprint scratch or dent?
A: Silver is naturally a soft metal and as a result will gradually age. Everyday wear and tear will add charm to your jewellery and whilst pendants and cufflinks may not age quickly, key rings will as they are constantly in contact with other metal items and are more roughly handled by the nature of the product.

Q: I can’t decide what to get as a gift – do you do gift vouchers?
A: Yes, I will happily present you with a personalised gift voucher of any amount, printed to order at no extra charge. The Silver Fingerprint Impression Kit also makes a wonderful gift – the recipient has simple instructions on how to create their own fingerprint charm (which involved posting to me to complete) at no extra charge and the option to upgrade their charm into jewellery items (at additional cost from as little as £5)

Q: Do you do impression kits?
A: Yes! With the Silver Fingerprint Impression Kit you can now give fingerprint jewellery as a gift or create your own by post. The kit is beautifully presented and contains everything you need to take a fingerprint impression. Simply follow the step by step instructions, return to us by post and you will receive your silver charm within 2-3 weeks. You have the luxury of creating your print in your own time in just a few minutes with the option to upgrade to other jewellery items if you wish and if you also require more than one jewellery item, with the same fingerprint, the kit also enables you to do all your gift shopping in one easy step!
Simply call 01295 271051 with your credit/debit card or post a cheque, with guarantee card details on reverse (16 digit number and expiry date), payable to ‘KNR Jewellery’ to 6 Hart Close, Banbury, OX16 1EH and within a few working days you, or the gift recipient, will receive the Impression Kit. Don’t forget to include the address you wish the kit to be sent to – it can be sent direct to recipient if you wish! Then simply follow the instructions, complete the order form so that your charm can be custom finished to your exact requirements and post it back to me (SAE included in your kit) and allow 2-3 weeks for your beautiful and bespoke silver charm to arrive.

Please note that KNR Jewellery cannot be held responsible for any items delayed or lost by Royal Mail, either received by us or sent to you.  In the event of late or non-delivery of your item please contact us and we will provide you with a tracking number in order for you to track your item and contact Royal Mail.