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KNR Jewellery » Shop » Fingerprints » Cufflinks » Chain & Disc (Double) Cufflinks
Chain & Disc (Double) Cufflinks
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Cufflinks are perfect for Dad’s and Grandad’s and would make any ‘Father’s Day’ or birthday extra special with children’s or grandchildren’s fingerprints. Cufflinks are perfect for families with up to four children. Have names, daddy, gramps...inscribed.

All cufflinks are perfect for two children or adults of any age (Chain with Disc/Double Cuffs up to four). You can also have just one child’s fingerprint captured once – simply select ‘same as cufflink 1’ in second drop down menu. For two, or more, children simply fill in details for each cufflinks.

There are three styles of cufflinks – T-bar with swivel fitting, Chain and bar or Chain with disc backs (Double Cufflinks). All images show T-Bar Cufflinks – our best seller by far!

Also very popular are cufflinks to commemorate a couple wedding day – have the bride’s fingerprints impressed for the groom and finish with the wedding date, ‘hubby’, bride’s name or hubby’s name! You could even make the wedding party cufflinks with inscriptions such as ‘best man’ or ‘father of the bride’ instead of fingerprints.

IMAGE SHOWN: OVAL T-BAR CUFFLINKS. Please note Double Cufflinks have Standard Charm to front, Small Charm on Back and are connected by chain.

Chain & Disc (Double) Cufflinks

price £150.00
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