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KNR Jewellery » Shop » Fingerprints » Pendants » Double Pendant with Two Small Charms
Double Pendant with Two Small Charms
FREE impression kit included with this item

Pendants are perfect for families with one child or many children alike as you can just keep adding. All pendants are available with any shape charm, as a single, double, triple or quadruple pendant and finished with any chain. All pendants include a 16” Fine Belcher Chain, however please see our Chain Menu for different styles and various lengths if you wish to upgrade and customise your pendant.

As with all products, there is a choice of shapes for pendants too – circle, oval, heart a (symmetrical), heart b (asymmetrical), square, diamond, rectangle, tear drop, dog tag and flower - something for everyone!

Please note all Small Charms, or products featuring a Small Charm, cannot have names written on them due to space. Small = 5p (fit up to 12m age), Standard = 10p (perfect 0-3yrs or fit up to adult but name may go over bottom of fingerprint over age of 3yrs), Medium = £2 (perfect for anyone), Large 50% bigger than £2 (perfect for anyone, but babies may look a bit lost on this size). All sizes approx.

Double Pendants are great for two children or if you only have one child why not have their fingerprint on top charm and name on the bottom charm!

Commissions are also welcome!


Double Pendant with Two Small Charms

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