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KNR Jewellery » Shop » Scribbles and Doodles » Double Dog Tag with Medium & Large Charms
Double Dog Tag with Medium & Large Charms
FREE impression kit included with this item

‘Dog Tags’ are pendants for men and are perfect for the men in your life who cannot, or do not wear cufflinks, for work as they will always have their precious prints close to them. They are all supplied on a 20” black faux suede leather finished with sterling silver clasp as standard. If you would like a longer length, or an upgrade to a chain, please select in the top drop down menu.

As with all products, there is a choice of shapes for men’s pendants/dog tags too – Diamond, Square, oval, rectangle, tear drop and dog tag (vertical rectangle with top corners cut off)!

This Double Dog Tag is perfect for families with two children of any age, particularly teenagers, or why not have one child’s print on one and an inscription on the other!

Commissions are also welcome!

Double Dog Tag with Medium & Large Charms

price £190.00
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