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KNR Jewellery » Shop » Fingerprints » Bracelets & Bangles » Single Solid Silver Bangle » Single Bangle with Small Charms
Single Bangle with Small Charms
FREE impression kit included with this item

Bracelets and bangles are perfect for including the whole family or if you have more than three children and find some of the other products more restrictive.

As with all products, there is a choice of shapes for charms – circle, oval, heart a (symmetrical), heart b (asymmetrical), square, diamond, rectangle, tear drop, dog tag and flower. All bracelets and bangles include your first charm – simply select how many charms you wish to add if you require more than your one free charm. You can also add charms and tags as your family grows.

There is a choice of chains and styles available and you can add as many additional charms or tags as you wish. Please note the Fine Belcher Chain only takes up to 4 Charms due to weight.

All Charms on Bracelets are soldered for security and your piece of mind. And, they can always be moved later if you add to your bracelet! However, if you would prefer us not to solder your charms please advise.

Charms have the option of ‘fingerprint only’, ‘fingerprint and X’ or ‘fingerprint and name’. Please note small charms do to fit names and are only suitable for children under 12 months as these are approx. size of 5p coin. Please enter name to be inscribed in the inscription box – up to 10 characters so you can have just a name if choosing a long name ‘Charlotte’ or for shorter/abbreviated names you can add a space and a kiss ‘Lottie X’.


Single Bangle with Small Charms

price £85.00
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