Trying New Ideas for Father’s Day


Welcome to my blog!

I’m always open to new ideas and recently got asked to make golf markers for Father’s Day. I’d not made these before so was totally guided by the customer and set to work.

I came up with a simply disc about the size of penny. She had one with her youngest’s hand print on and another with her eldest’s drawing of ‘Dad playing golf’. I was really pleased with how these came out so shared them on Facebook (please excuse the snapshots) and this generated further interest so having made a few golf markers now, I have decided to add them as a new product. Coming soon to the website but available to order now via email.

Golf Markers with a Fingerprint are £45.
Golf Markers with a Hand/Foot/Drawing or Word (needs to be short eg Dad) are £55.

Traditionally golf markers tend to be round but you can choose any standard charm shape. Larger sizes are also available at additional cost!

If you have any unusual requests or something you’d like me to try, I’m always happy to give it a go!

Would love some feedback on these either via Facebook or email

Thanks for reading!